Seminars, Discussions and Debates

IOPHR holds seminars, discussions and debates that are aimed at facilitating an open-dialogue, and analysing key issues in an interactive manner. These events include the representation and involvement of local communities and members of society, along with our panellists, in order to influence dynamic change in a unified and effective manner.

Latest events on this:

“Are Women’s Rights in Islam Compatible with Modern Society?” – Event held at University of Warwick
18th May 2018 – The International Organisation to Preserve Human Rights (IOPHR) organised an event titled “Are Women’s Rights in
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Science & Spirituality – Creation and Human History According to Sacred Scriptures
On 6th December, 2017, an academic event was organised at the University College London, titled ‘Science & Spirituality – Creation
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UK Parliament: Are Human Rights and Islam compatible?
6 December 2016, London – A conference titled “Are Human Rights and Islam Compatible?” was organised by IOPHR, and hosted
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World Religions, World Peace and World Ethics
26 November 2016, Potsdam, Germany – The exhibition of “World religions – World peace – World ethics” was organised by
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Principles of Human Rights, Tolerance and Altruism
9 October 2016, Göttingen, Germany – This event was hosted by the “Gesellschaft für bedrohte Völker” (The Society for Threatened
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The Compatibility of Human Rights Principles and Religious Values
5 October 2016, Hannover, Germany – In a dialogue between Religious Scholar and Professor on Islam for over 40 years,
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