Cultural activities play an important role in the mission of IOPHR. We hope to highlight diversity as an asset to society. We believe that continued cultural interaction and the universal language of art can be combined to inculcate inclusivity, tolerance and cultural cohesion within our multi-faceted and multi-cultural society.


The language of Music is universal, and free from any socio-cultural barriers. IOPHR works closely with music groups such as Soveida, to bring forth this universal language that embodies love, respect, acceptance and cohesion. Our organisation encourages all genres of music, representing different cultures, to come together to celebrate our diversity through the expression of music.

Art Exhibitions

IOPHR collaborates with the artist Sharman Beheshti, whose work is a visual representation and embodiment of the values of unity, diversity, and the significant role of humanity.

• Ocean of Drops
The collection ‘Ocean of Drops’ tackles the theme of the drop and the sea, and symbolises concepts such as singularity and universality, as well as immanence and transcendence. With her artistic interpretation, Sharman Beheshti shows in what extent people are connected to each other, to formulate the concept of humanity that encompasses and unites every individual. This artistic and spiritual perspective represents a meaningful metaphor of the aims promoted by IOPHR, which are linked with cohesion and social harmony.

• The Paisley Perspective
The Paisley collection, or ‘bote jeghe’, is inspired by a very old pattern representing the cypress, which is a droplet-shaped vegetable. This motif was used in Persia at the time of the Sassanid dynasty and later in the textile industry. The paisley was already present during the Zoroastrian era, symbolizing freedom, humility, and rejection of servitude.
The body of the paisley is turned to the sky, but its point is bending to the ground. This shape is used by the artist as a metaphor to illustrate a combination of liberation and humility, which should define every person who has reached a certain level of spiritual elevation. The Paisley is also a nod to the yin and yang, and the perpetual search for balance.