Conferences & Interviews

IOPHR organizes and conducts several conferences, interactive panels, interviews, and other public events. These events aim to increase awareness for human rights issues, and facilitate research-based discussions and analysis of various deep-rooted social issues such as the rise of extremism, gender-inequality and gender-based violence. These discussions are supported by well-represented panels, consisting of academics, researchers, activists, members of the Parliament, and public service officials.

Latest Conferences, Interviews and Links to Our publishing websites

Are Women’s Rights in Islam Compatible with Modern Society?
3 May 2017, European Parliament, Brussels – The International Organisation to Preserve Human Rights (IOPHR) organised the event “Are Women’s Rights in
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Antidotes to Islamist Extremism
2 May 2017, European Parliament, Brussels – The International Organisation to Preserve Human Rights (IOPHR) held an important all-day event
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Are Human Rights and Islam Compatible?
18 October 2016, European Parliament, Brussels – An important conference titled ‘Are Human Rights & Islam Compatible? & The Future Role
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Free Speech: a Fundamental Human Right
12 October 2016, Brussels/Paris – Debating Europe interviewed Dr Azmayesh, the founder of IOPHR. The topic of the interactive online
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Countering Extremism in Society: An Academic Perspective
22 April 2016, Hannover, Germany – An academic conference took place in the University of Hannover, discussing the issues of extremism
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How to Protect Society from Extremism?
13 April 2016, London – IOPHR organised a conference consisting of members of the UK Parliament, academics, public service officials,
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Extremism, Islam and Democracy – Why and How Two Versions of Islam Entered the History of Mankind?
1 March 2016, European Parliament, Brussels, Belgium – IOPHR organized a conference at the European Parliament, hosted by MEP Tunne Kelam,
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