Our Work

The approach of IOPHR is based on research, education and social participation. We organize a series of academic conferences, research-based panels, publications and cultural events, that are aimed at facilitating an open dialogue within communities, highlighting core issues that threaten human rights in a democratic society, and formulating systematic and sustainable solutions. We embrace socio-cultural diversity and strongly encourage community involvement.

Academia and Conferences

We organise various conferences, academic lectures, series of seminars and workshops that are aimed at increasing education and awareness of human rights principles and providing an in-depth analysis of issues such as violence, extremism and gender-inequality, that pose a threat to our society. Over the years, we have conducted several well-represented panels that include policy makers, such as EU officials, members of the UK Parliament and members of the United Nations, along with academics, researchers, public service officials, human-rights activists, and social representatives. Our panels aim to educate, debate and resolve human rights issues in a proactive manner, with representation from all areas of society. You can follow and participate in our events and live streams through our social media links and our online channel called ‘Pearl TV Channel’.


IOPHR generates an array of publications and articles that are based on our research, and include our proposals and strategic plans for counteracting the violation of human rights. Our literature provides a voice to those who feel suppressed, and a platform to openly discuss several complex and underlying issues. Our analysis includes an account of historical and sociological developments, as well as a proactive vision for the future. Objectivity, academic integrity and responsible reporting is paramount in all our publications.

Research and Development

Our team is rooted in continual comprehensive research and analysis. As a think tank organization, IOPHR may be referred to by individuals or like-minded organizations wishing to obtain reliable information and deepen their knowledge on issues such as gender-inequality, gender-based violence, extremism, and other human rights issues. Our organisation is keen and willing to share our findings with policy makers, researchers, heads of educational institutions, community leaders and academics, and actively contribute towards the continuum of social change and development.

Cultural Events

Cultural activities play an important role in the mission of IOPHR. We hope to highlight diversity as an asset to society. We believe that continued cultural interaction and the universal language of art can be combined to inculcate inclusivity, tolerance and cultural cohesion within our multi-faceted and multi-cultural society.