Washington – At the International Religious Freedom webinar, Hamid Gharagozloo, US representative of IOPHR, presented the disturbing new developments in Iran. Among the  issues discussed were:

  • Continual atrocities against Iranian Sunnis
  • Raeissi’s (Khamenei appointed head of judiciary) statements regarding possible uprisings and regimes swift and brutal reaction towards protestors
  • Prisoners of Conscious infected with Covid-19 and the imminent threat to their lives
  • Rohani’s admission of at least 25 million infected by COVID-19 in Iran and traced back to China as the source
  • Ali Larijani’s trip to China as Khamenei’s representative to advance the proposed economic and military involvement of China in Iran.
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US Representative for IOPHR, Hamid Gharagozloo and Ambassador at Large, Sam Brownback

Transcript to the meeting can be seen here.

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