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US SENATE, WASHINGTON – Members of various human rights organisations who attended the US senate’s meeting on rights of religious minorities in Iran, demanded that the US government place sanctions on anyone within the Iranian regime that helps to facilitate violation of the rights of religious minorities in Iran.

Sam Brownback, US Ambassador for International Religious Freedom

In this gathering which was attended by Senator Ted Cruz and by Sam Brownback, the United States Ambassador-at-Large for International Religious Freedom, there were detailed discussions on human rights violations committed by the Iranian regime against religious minorities in Iran.

During this meeting which was attended by Dr Hamid Gharagozloo the representative of IOPHR (International Organisation to Preserve Human Rights), the plight of religious minorities in Iran was discussed, and Dr Gharagozloo presented the members of the committee the recent report from IOPHR on the state of human rights conditions in Iran.

Sam Brownback and Hamid Gharagozloo
Dr Hamid Gharagozloo and Senator Ted Cruz

In this report, the recent conditions of various religious minorities, like Bahai’s, Christians and in particular Christian converts are outlined. This report further highlights the condition of other religious minorities like the Sunnis and Sufis. The Iranian regime’s clampdown on Sufis has intensified recently with 10 month house arrest of their 92 year old leader of Gonabdai Sufis, Dr Noor Ali Tabandenh, and imprisonment and torture of hundreds of their members including men and women, two of whom were killed in 2018 by the regime forces.

In this gathering, Senator Ted Cruz, also highlighted in his speech the violations of the regime against Christians in Iran and how they are consistently suppressed by the Iranian regime.

The IOPHR report was formally presented to both Mr Sam Brownback and Senator Ted Cruz.