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Preserve and Advance

We aim to preserve human rights values and freedom for all, and advance towards a prosperous future as a unified society. We embrace diversity and inculcate social cohesion. We bring forth the voices of individuals within local communities, and work towards reinstating equity and equality in society.

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The approach of IOPHR is based on research, education and social participation. We organize a series of academic conferences, research-based panels, publications and cultural events, that are aimed at facilitating an open dialogue within communities, highlighting core issues that threaten human rights in a democratic society, and formulating systematic and sustainable solutions. We embrace socio-cultural diversity and strongly encourage community involvement.

A Request for Urgent Action

A Request for Urgent Action

Once again, the ruling regime in Iran has proven its inherent enmity with the Iranian people, especially towards the Iranian youth, by issuing a death sentence against three young men, and through its subsequent approval by the Iranian Supreme Court. Such a judgment...

About us

The International Organisation to Preserve Human Rights (IOPHR) is an active not-for-profit organisation and think tank based in the United Kingdom, with members spanning across the globe. We are an independent body, and do not have any political or religious inclinations or associations. Founded by Dr. Seyed Azmayesh, a jurist-scholar and human rights activist, IOPHR is at the centre of human rights preservation, working towards equality, inclusivity and social development.

 IOPHR Non-Profitable Organisation Limited Registration No. 08903814.

Registration Office: Kemp House, 160 City Road, EC1V 2NX London, United Kingdom

Email: [email protected]

Our values

IOPHR is a research-based organization, campaigning for social reform and preservation of human rights for all. Our foundational values are equality, equity, mutual respect, peace and inclusivity. Our work is aimed towards upholding the democratic values of secularism, fundamental rights and freedoms of individuals, and the rule of law.
Our work ethic is to provide a comprehensive account of human rights issues, by exploring all possible facets of a problem, including sociological, psychological, economic, cultural and political aspects. We work to provide an unbiased and well-rounded image, to empower individuals with reliable information. We do not partake in the blame-culture, but instead, actively support and facilitate open communication and transparency.


Our aim

Our aim is to counteract and resolve several issues that encroach upon the human rights of individuals and pose a threat to our democratic society. Our main areas of focus are gender-inequality, cultural and religious antagonism, extremism, forms of violence, and social inequity. We aim to promote and uphold human rights values that are universal, and should be equally available to every single human being, irrespective of one’s race, culture, gender or faith.

We hope to empower women, and be a platform to bring forth the voices of those who are unrepresented or suppressed within our patriarchal society. Our work provides research-based evidence for the injustices and gender-based violence towards women. Our goal is to restore gender-equilibrium to the social sphere. Our research and campaigning efforts specifically include the issues of violent extremism within society. Our goal is to combat this instrument of organized crime which poses a threat to communities across the globe.

We also hope to contribute towards the Global Goals as set out by the United Nations, including working towards gender equality by eliminating gender-based violence and discrimination, combatting harmful practices such as early and forced marriage and female genital mutilation (goal n°5), or the promotion of peace, justice and security to reduce all forms of violence, and ensure inclusivity and sustainable development within our societies (goals n°11 and n°16). IOPHR employs a dynamic long-term plan that will help achieve our goals, with a prospective approach to accommodate for the ever-changing social environment.

Our Aims are:
• Protection of human rights and democratic values within society.
• Achieving gender-equality in all realms of society, and eliminating gender-based violence.
• Eliminating the threats of extremism through research-based proposals, and working closely with policy-makers, public officials and members of the society.
• Creation of an inclusive and well-integrated society that finds strength in diversity and cultural cohesion.
• Reducing cultural, religious or racial discrimination and polarization, along with counteracting hate crime and social ignorance.
• Contributing to the Global Goals devised by the United Nations to transform society in a sustainable way